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by F+U Split

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released October 11, 2013

All songs Written and Performed by Handsome Foxes // Unifier.
Handsome Foxes songs Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Nick Andrews at Backroom Audio.
Unifier songs Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Aslan Freeman at Freeman Productions Studio.
All songs Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation



all rights reserved


F+U Split North Carolina

No matter where you go, the cross-pollination of bands within a local music community is a constant. Friendships flourish, creative ideas meld, and allegiances shift. The heart of North Carolina is no different: Handsome Foxes and Unifier bloomed from the same seed, and finally time brings them back together for the F+U Split. ... more

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Track Name: Handsome Foxes - You Really Dicked Your Way Into This One
I'm putting on the war paint
You got me at "A Loss For Words"
I see you as a character flaw
I see you as a pretty face
I spent too long trying to find a way
To describe a feeling
But you will never learn girl
I'll make you leave this city

No I see, we were playing pretend
Make believe
I should've listened to my friends
Leave me alone
And leave the past in the past
Leave me alone
I'm glad we didn't last

I know it hurts to think
I'm getting along well without you
But I am
So keep my name and friends out your mouth
If you can't remember
Write this down

Move on back to Neverland
If you think you can fly
With your "wax made wings"
Icarus will show you how high
I don't mean to be so harsh
Well, yes I do
I don't care about seeing you happy
I just don't want to see you
Track Name: Handsome Foxes - Green Skirt Ambition
Goddamn I'm glad I met you
I'm just being honest
And goddamn I'm glad he left you
I'm just being honest
Let my words keep you warm
Just like a sweater
Though they can't change the world
I mean every letter

How it feels to touch you
With your skin like porcelain
You're ambition in a green skirt
And make me want to be a better man
I know this voice of mine won't fill a stadium
I just care how each word will fill your heart

We've gone so far
And we're left with our eyes wide open
In a world of glass you're painted red
All I can do is say
"Goddamn, I thank you for being so strong"

'Cause you're so sweet
You keep my head above the water
You're so sweet
Track Name: Handsome Foxes - Life Rafts
Year ago
I fell asleep in a shipwreck heading down
But breathing underwater has lost its thrill
As my mother laid me down she said
"Goodnight. Goodbye."

We've been on this ship for days
Charting a course we can't define
With a compass
That won't make up its mind
We've decided just to settle
And we've settled just to drown
But not me
I'll just keep swimming

If you can't hold your breath
The water is filling up
I can't hold my tongue
I'm not giving up
I considered just to drown
Weighed down by bad luck
If you can't hold your breath
The water is filling up
I won't go down with the ship
Track Name: Unifier - Supernouveau
Open, go ‘head with your question
“Are you let down?”
I’m told you’re getting bored with growing old
Same scene downtown
Don’t tempt me

It’s at an end
The sun is come again
Hope it dries you up

Don’t move
Don’t leave tomorrow
Don’t say it’s over

Wasted, our time is useless in my head
What’s done is best done simply
I can taste it: the shit on your lips is painted red
Make up’s your gun
Defend me

Is this the end?
The son is come again
Hope he drinks you up

Is it a sin?
The son is drunk again
Hope he drains your cup
Track Name: Unifier - Masks
After the car crash
After the way you laughed
I was uneasy

Past today
Everybody’s thinkin’ we got hell to pay
You know better
I’m worlds away
From a last sight of your face
So I’m keeping the faith

Now I see
After all, the glass is empty
Now I know
There’s a reason you believe
There’s a reason not to let go
Should I shut my eyes and wander blind
While you break your nails digging for a sign

As we slowly lower our masks
Stray beyond the old path

Past today
Everybody’s sayin’ we got hell to pay
I know better
We’re worlds away
From not feeling we’re a waste
And I’m hating the taste

Is it better to know?
‘Cause I’m letting it go
Is it better to see?
'Cause I'm feeling empty
Track Name: Unifier - Settling
Did you just forget
The things we did were real?
The hate in your head
Getting harder to conceal
And I’ll never accept
That those were our best years
While you’re still a wreck
And I won’t get to sleep tonight
Yet again, and again, and again

Nobody’s looking for the best in us
They only care about our worst mistakes
Diseasing, to me it’s just so obvious
That I can’t pull myself away

I can’t just regret
The call that dropped us four years
The dream was dead
So I fed it to your fears
And I’ll never accept
I’ll never accept
I’m the one who needs this
But I still won’t get sleep tonight
Yet again and again and again

You know you like the way it feels
Push back the spite, let’s make a deal
The time has come for...